Abs. Lean Physique. Athletic Build. 

Truth be told, I did not plan on making this program.

But the questions kept coming ...

"What's your diet like?"

"How can I get a lean athletic body?"

"How do you get abs?"

I realized I had to make this because you guys need to know my methods. 

The real stuff that works.

People think you need to do loads of high intensity cardio to get lean or diet like a bodybuilder to have abs. 

That's all B.S.

Until now I've only shared my methods with one person, here's what she says ....

Chrissy Scannell

Owner, Heartcore Pilates Studios

Josh redefined fitness for me. He got me to focus on the right stuff - and without expecting it, my body transformed quicker than I thought possible. When you train the way Josh tells you to, the abs and lean athletic look just comes naturally.

I don't want to use fancy sales techniques so here's the deal - try this program out.

If it doesn't change your life, I'll give you your money back.

Sign me up! $49.00

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