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Feel freedom 


Maybe you've been feeling a little like this...

Waking up tired and stiff.


Stretches not working.


Ready to move with ease and be functional like never before!

Most people think we have to lose our natural mobility and functional body as we grow older...


Being stiff in the shoulders and tight in the hips is not normal.


The truth is... we simply don't have the right tools to stay free!

Follow-along routines


Made for
All Levels

A brand new way to

Move & Feel

Imagine if you could...

Reconnect to your body.


Become strong, flexible and athletic at any age.


Age gracefully and keep your youthful spirit.

Made just for you by Strength Side

  • Follow-along routines with voiceovers to guide you through form and technique

  • A weekly schedule that tells you which routine to do each day for maximum results 

  • All done from home - no equipment required

  • Natural, primal and flow movement for exploring your body’s capabilities.

  • New routines added twice monthly based on what you want to see!

Transform your body the right way.

client testimonial: "I can already see and feel the benefit that getting to spend each day with Josh is going.."
client testimonial: "I can already see and feel the benefit that getting to spend each day with Josh is going.."

Ready to feel free?


Step 1

Sign up for your first month of Guided for just $39.

Step 2

Choose your focus:

Bodyweight Basics (build your foundation) or Mover Path (develop your movement practice)

Step 3

Press play and start training instantly.

Why Choose Guided?

Our world runs on convenience.

Convenience leads to less movement... and more disconnection from the body

The culprit? Mainstream fitness!

Mainstream fitness is all about looks.

Glute exercises, six pack abs and heavy lifting are flashy and trendy... But do nothing to actually make you feel good.


The information on keeping your body feeling strong and mobile is harder to find.


And as you become more stiff in your body, it takes more of your attention.


It makes you live more in the mind.

How can you be the best version of yourself when your body doesn't feel good?

And as a bonus, get 3 months of Primal Flow.

Primal Flow is our newest program that helps you move your body naturally, bring back your athleticism, develop the ability to flow and move like an animal to feel more human.

Move the way you're meant to... experience flow... and become the animal.

Guided has been everything I've been looking for in a fitness routine. If you want to stay mobile and also build strength... this program is heaven sent.


Guided helps you adopt true mobility and strength which is so valuable but overlooked in the fitness industry. As a holistic health coach who believes in a true long-lasting, effective and balanced approach to building healthy habits, Josh is exactly that as an instructor.


I highly recommend this program if you're looking to feel great, do amazing things for your body and build long-lasting strength.

Nelson Luzbel

Guided Member

You deserve to feel free.

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