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in your body.

90-Day Strength & Mobility Program

by Strength Side

Strength & Flexibility in

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Real, long-lasting


90 days to


Finally... a program that develops strength and flexibility equally, so you can feel strong and capable.

  • More strength and flexibility 

  • Freedom within your body

  • Feel good again

Have you lost your athleticism?


Become stiff from too many bench presses and curls?


Remember the days when you could run, jump, and play without a worry?


Underneath your tight muscles and stiff movement, there’s an athletic person who can play like a child.


But the fitness industry works against you.


The fitness industry is all about what makes money and that’s the flashy things...


Bodybuilding: big biceps and six packs

Crossfit-style workouts: people doing enormous amounts of work

Heavy lifting: big lifts that look great on camera


But for most people, these styles of training lead to… 

Pain or Injury.


Or at the very least a very stiff, inflexible body.


I was into all the superficial goals driven by my ego.


And guess what: my body felt wrecked.


What happened to the athletic guy who played 3 sports in high school?


I could barely run around the block without my knee hurting.


If I sat for an hour my low back would ache.


And I was only in my mid-twenties!

To further the problem, your ego is attached to what you’re doing.


It’s extremely hard to switch your training style because your identity is wrapped up in lifting heavy dumbbells off your chest.


And everyone around you is doing the same.


But notice the people around you.

Everyone has a “bad shoulder” or a “back that acts up."




Because the exercises and style of fitness you’re doing isn’t optimal for being functional and staying youthful.


It’s for looking good.


But looking good for who?


If you don't feel good... then what's the point?


This was the realization I had 8 years ago... I realized all I wanted to do was feel good.


Feel strong, flexible, and athletic.


Amazingly when I switched to this mind-frame, the body that I always wanted appeared right before me...

You work hard in the gym. You are dedicated.


But the results you want are always right out of your grasp.


You can’t quite get as lean as you want, and your body keeps getting stiffer.


This cycle will keep on repeating itself unless you do something different.


The techniques for keeping yourself athletic and limber as you get older are harder to find.


They aren’t as flashy, so you won’t see them all over the internet like you’ll see burpees and bicep curls.


And the stretching routines showed by young gymnasts on YouTube won’t work for you.


You need different tools when you’re an adult.

But the good news is...

Move Strong Now has helped hundreds of people regain a functional body.

They gain flexibility, real-life strength, and transform their body.


They can pick up activities they haven’t done for years like play basketball with friends or go for a long jog.


"Stronger, happier, healthier, I really can’t praise Move Strong Now enough!" - Ben

What makes our 90-day program different.

  • Strength and flexibility in one program

    Most programs only focus on one element. But to unlock your body’s true potential, it’s crucial to develop your strength and flexibility side-by-side.

  • More Freedom in your Body

    We all know that feeling free, athletic, and capable in your body is ultimate success. The path to get there is through the right mobility and strength movements.

  • Real, Long-Lasting Change

    When you prioritize the right exercises, good things happen. You start gaining muscle, losing fat, and becoming more confident. You make real progress in your body that carries over to the activities you love to do.

The flexible and free body

you're looking for

is closer than you realize...

1. Join Move Strong Now.


Once you buy Move Strong Now, you’ll immediately get access to our Membership site, which contains the entire 90-day program, add-on routines and everything you need to start making gains today.


2. Customize it to you.


We help you choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Each exercise in Move Strong Now has regressions and progressions, so you can make the program fit your current level. Our add-on routines will help you strengthen your weak links and bulletproof your whole body.


3. Enjoy the Freedom.


Each week enjoy your body opening up and becoming stronger. Join hundreds of members making incredible gains in flexibility, developing muscle and becoming more confident and in tune with their body…


Bonus: when you join Move Strong Now, you’ll get access to our private FB group, Strength Side Inside.


A place to share successes and challenges, connect with like-minded people AND Josh answers all your questions…

Buy today and start feeling free, strong and capable.

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