You deserve freedom. 

Take your flexibility, bodyweight strength & personal development to the next level.

The path to freedom.

High Level


Less restriction, more




Creating a lifestyle that involves...

    • Movement Everyday

    • Flexibility for Adults

    • Minimal Equipment

    • Real Life - Usable Strength

    • Growth mindset

    • Finding fulfillment & purpose

    You are already working hard.

    How do you get to the next level?

    Are you...

    • Tired of not making progress with the stretches you're using

    • Feel overwhelmed by choosing what exercises to focus on

    • Struggling to stay consistent with meditation, training, diet, and everything else

    • Do you want to transform your life by developing a lifestyle with optimal training and personal growth tools

    Most programs and coaches only offer you their exercise programming.


    We know that real progress is made by developing a movement-rich, growth-filled lifestyle.

    The Primal Athlete has one main goal - UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.  The tools, training, practice and support provided by my coaches directed me into accomplishing strength and agility movements I've never even dreamed of.  I never could have realized the benefits this program provided without being a part of it.  What I've taken away from The Primal Athlete will live within me forever.  Simply awesome experience.

    Michael Fossati, Class One Primal Athlete

    Unlock your potential as an athlete and human.

    Here's the secret...


    Seeking abs and a big bench press will leave you unfulfilled.


    Mainstream fitness sells you B.S.


    When you only focus on how you look in the mirror and how much weight you can lift...


    You put yourself in a never ending loop of feeling not good enough.


    The weights make you stiff, your ego makes you stiffer...


    THIS is what we've been sold on.


    This is "what fitness is" these days.

    But there is another SIDE. to fitness...

    A side where you chase after goals that will make you feel good.


    You deepen your relationship to training your body to see what you're truly capable of. 


    Unlocking your potential as an athlete AND as a human.


    Not to impress people. But to fulfill the desire that's within all of us...


    The desire to move freely and without restriction.


    To feel good every morning you wake up...


    and every evening as you reflect on your day.


    To know that you are progressing not just in body but also in mind.

    It's easy to stay the same... It's harder to commit to something new and unknown.

    The next step to greatness.

    Step 1

    Submit an application for the Primal Athlete. Our next class starts in March!

    Step 2

    If we like your application, you'll be invited to book a discovery call. We'll discuss the program and determine if Primal Athlete is a good fit for you.

    Step 3

    Join Primal Athlete and watch your new life unfold before your eyes with more freedom in your body and more awareness in your mind. 

    I created The Primal Athlete because people need much more than the right exercises to improve rolled forward shoulders. We need to live richer lives filled with movement, exploration, and connecting back to the source. The mainstream fitness community is filled with vanity and superficial results; it’s all about how you look and how much you lift. It’s all about how to “fix” your physical ailments isolating the body and disconnecting the mind. 


    In my eyes the real measure of success is: how you feel, how your practice evolves, and the way your practice affects your life.


    I believe creating the reality you want starts with a shift in perspective and is driven by how you experience your body. In your natural state… your body is light and loose, it can bend and yield to force but it can also become tense and use strength at any time. This state is waiting for all of us, we only need the right path to get there and to let go of the things that hold us back. 


    Over the years I’ve always wanted to find a system or coach who offered the physical and mental side. To become a high level athlete AND a confident, purpose driven human being. Finding this unique blend is rare. And when I felt ready… I created it.


    The Primal Athlete uses the tools I’ve implemented over the years to free my body, develop myself spiritually, and create Strength Side. I share these tools with you to make your own. Everyone has their own path to walk. I can give you my guidance along the way...


    Josh Hash


    This is a training camp.

    This is a big commitment.

    Primal Athlete sets a path that brings significant developments in flexibility, mobility and strength with continuous feedback and necessary adjusments, all in an elevating group approach. It's complete, it's primal.

    Balu, Class One Primal Athlete

    What Primal Athlete looks like...


    Primal Athlete is an 12 week program. We will complete a first Phase of training for 4 weeks, we will have a deload/break week. Then complete a second Phase for 6 weeks of training. In combination with your training we will have different personal development tasks to work on over the course of the training camp. Every other week we will meet on a call to discuss successes, challenges, and give any support needed.





    Development Tools

    Commitment and Focus

    The true Primal Athlete is fully in and ready to go.