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After I stopped working out a couple years ago, I adopted a really unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. This led to all sorts of problems for me both physically and mentally. I tried so many bullshit methods of trying to alleviate tightness and imbalances with no avail. However, after trying both of your programs, I've seen a MASSIVE improvement. Not only in my physical health, but mental, and even digestive! 

Your methods are SO simple, yet what they do for the body, mind and soul are so incredibly complex. I wake up less agitated, I feel so much more loose and focused. My confidence is raising on a daily basis due to what I would assume is my testosterone raising, along with my body composition. My digestion is even better. It all goes hand in hand. I really just wanted to reach out and thank you my man. You give this information for FREE. And it WORKS.

Alec Chapman

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